Reset Your Internal Chemistry + Overcome Depression [NATURALLY]

Reset Your Internal Chemistry + Overcome Depression [NATURALLY]


Do you want to discover how to reset your internal chemistry, so you can finally overcome depression and create a truly depression-free life for yourself and those you love? If you’re nodding YES, this episode is for you!

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Hi and welcome back, as always it’s great to have you here! 

Now, today I’m going to share with you a brand-new perspective on how to overcome depression that will completely transform your internal chemistry and ultimately, your entire life – as it did mine.

Now, this is going to be a short but very powerful session and I highly recommend you stick with me until the end because, I’m going to give you a special gift to help you discover your Personal Surviving vs Thriving Ratio

Now, this ratio is key in the process for you to not only, overcome depression but actually “depression-proof” your life completely.

In other words, this ratio is a vital component in creating a depression-free life in today’s fast-paced world. But, it will only make sense AFTER you’ve been through this session.  Make sense?


So, in todays session you’re going to discover:

The true root cause of depression. 

Of course, this is vital to be aware of because, if we don’t know what’s the true driver of depression, how can we ever hope to overcome it or fix it?

I mean, we gotta know exactly what we’re dealing with, so we know exactly how to tackle it.  Makes sense, right?

So, this is key to putting the power back into your hands!   

Throughout this session, you’re also going to discover how YOU can control your internal chemistry, rather than it controlling you, which is what’s happening right now.

Now, this may come as a great shock to you! This idea, that you CAN naturally control your internal chemistry…

And yes! It’s a very bold statement to make and I am making it.  

You see, you being able to control your internal chemistry is not some unsubstantiated, airy-fairy, new-age philosophy…

It’s cold-hard scientific fact! 

Now, just take a moment and ask yourself…

If you had the power to change your internal chemistry right now, how would you change it?

  • Would you change your internal chemistry so it’s working for you, uplifting you, supporting you in life and giving you the ability to truly thrive and flourish?
  • Or, would you prefer to have it working against you, depressing you, draining you and taking away all of your natural drive, motivation and unique abilities to thrive and flourish?

The truth is, whether you’re aware of it or not, right this very minute every single one of us is directing our chemistry in one of these 2 directions.

We’re either triggering health-enhancing chemistry which helps us to open up, thrive and flourish.

Or, we’re triggering internal chemistry which disconnects, shuts down and diminishes us?

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not going down the line of: “Just think positive and you’ll change your chemistry and free yourself from depression”. 

Because, we all know that doesn’t work and simply chanting positive words or affirmations when you don’t actually feel positive or believe in those words cannot create any long-lasting, authentic changes in our lives.

Simply because, we cannot make the negative, positive, simply by wishing it so. 

This method, on the other hand is based on rock-solid biology and science. 

You see, when you start to truly understand how your body-mind system works, you’ll begin to see that your internal chemistry is not some internal mystical force that you have absolutely no control over.  

You are NOT the victim of your internal chemistry or the victim of your fate.

And, in a moment, you’ll see with crystal clear vision, with absolutely clarity, that the power has always been and will always be firmly within your hands to affect positive change in your internal chemistry, if you so desire.

So, are you ready?  

Are you ready to place yourself back into the “drivers seat” of your life, so you can start moving forward in your life at a great rate of knots and create that bright, abundant, depression-free future you so desire and deserve?

Well, let’s get started…

Now, like I said, I’m gonna make this a short, powerful session and straight to the point.  I don’t normally recommend this during my sessions but today I highly recommend you take notes. 

Okay, so get out a pen and paper, or get ready to type really fast because I’m gonna cover a lot of pretty deep, fundamental stuff in this session, in a really short period of time.

So before we get started, in case this is the first time we’ve met here’s a super-quick introduction to me.

My names Marie O’Neil, I currently live in Britain. I’m an author, the host of Overcome Depression + Thrive podcast, the creator of The 4-Step Formula To Reset Your Body-Mind System After Depression And Antidepressants and I work internationally, as a Life Coach specialising in depression.  

Simply put, I help clients across the globe ‘free themselves’ from depression by sharing the keys I found, which helped me go from being suicidal, in the depths of depression to not only, overcoming depression but also having no fear of it ever returning 

Okay, so are you ready to transform your depression?

Well, grab your pen and let’s get started!

Alright, first and foremost, to see with absolute clarity, your path up and out of depression, you first need to know about your Autonomic Nervous System…

Now, without getting overly technical, your Autonomic Nervous System is basically ‘the control system’ for your entire body-mind system.

Your Autonomic Nervous System mediates internal homeostasis automatically.

In simple terms, it’s your Autonomic Nervous System which governs your internal balance, and your mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

And, it retains this internal balance, this natural state of health, harmony and overall well-being by a careful movement between it’s 2 branches or 2 separate arms. Between your Sympathetic Nervous System and your Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Or, what I like to call: Your Survival System (Sympathetic Nervous System) and Your Thriving System (Parasympathetic Nervous System)

It’s this movement back and forth, between these two systems which ‘holds the key’ to freeing yourself from depression, anxiety or even, the after-effects of antidepressants. 

Here’s why…

Scientists have discovered that for us:

  • To remain in a fit, flourishing, strong and resilient state…
  • For our internal chemistry to remain in a healthy harmonious balance…
  • For us to maintain our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being…

We need to spend a mere 20% of our time operating from our Survival System and a whopping 80% of our time operating from our Thriving System.

This is because, it’s our Thriving System which activates our body’s natural healing response.  

So, if we spend around 80% of our time in our Thriving System, we’re constantly regenerating, resetting, refuelling and renewing our internal chemistry, which helps us to effortlessly maintain an optimal state of overall health and well-being.

This naturally, allows us to truly flourish and thrive in life!

But, we’re definitely not thriving in depression, are we?

And, that’s simply because in depression, we’ve lost this balance.  We no longer move back and forth, between these two systems, so easily. 

We’ve unknowingly disrupted this Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80.

Simply because, we’re either:

  • Operating from our Survival System for more than the recommended 20% allowance

For example, we may be spending a whopping 60% or more of our time in our Survival System.  This creates an unhealthy and very unnatural “imbalance” within our body-mind system. 

Which quickly disrupts our healthy and harmonious internal chemistry and leads to a rapid deterioration in our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. 

Or, we’ve unknowingly disrupted this Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio because:

  • We’ve stayed in this unhealthy state of imbalance, for far too long

For example, lets say we’ve constantly spent a huge 60% of our time in our Survival System, day in and day out, for a long period of time.  This causes us to overburdened our Survival System. 

Remember, we’re only meant to spend around 20% of our time in our Survival System to remain healthy, strong and resilient. 

Any longer, and we’re over-taxing our system. We’re putting stress and pressure on a system which was never designed to carry it. 

This results, in our Survival System being depleted, exhausted, depressed, tired out. 

Simply put, we’ve overworked our Survival System, which has left us with no “active” energy to motivate, uplift or propel us forward in life. 

And, this disruption to the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80, or this exhaustion of our Survival System, can lead us to experience the following 3 states:

1. The Fight State:

In this state, we’re highly irritable, frustrated, angry, we have a tendency to lash out and over-react.  We can easily cry at the drop of a hat (even, for what seems like no reason at all) or we can fly off the handle, allowing our anger to rise to such an extent, that we can annihilate anyone or anything in our path.

In this space, we’re irrational, resistant, over-emotional, over-reactive, and defensive.

2. The Flight State:

In this space, we’ll duck for cover, avoid, hide under the duvet and withdraw from the world around us. 

We easily disconnect or shutdown (even from those we love so dearly).  And, that’s simply because, in this space we feel completely overwhelmed; mentally, emotionally or physically. 

So, unlike the Fight State which is more aggressive and external, this Flight State is more passive and internal.  We’re drawing our energy inwards rather than, throwing it outwards.

3. The Empty Shell State:

 This is when we’ve exhausted our Survival System and have absolutely no ‘active’ energy to run, fight, or even protect or defend ourselves. 

At this point, we truly couldn’t care less. We’ve gone past the point of caring or ‘giving a damn’ about anything or anyone.  Yes, it may seem selfish but it’s not!  It’s just that we’re simply exhausted, empty, we’ve got nothing to give anymore.

You could say, we’re like a ‘dead man walking’ in this space. 

An empty shell.  A mere shadow of our former selves. 

We feel worthless, hopeless and there’s no ‘purpose’ for living and it’s in this space when we usually throw our hands in the air and shout: ‘What’s the point?’  ‘Why bother?’

So, we have:

  1. The Fight State
  2. The Flight State
  3. The Empty Shell State 

And, if you’ve been in depression for any length of time, chances are, you’ve found yourself floating between a couple or even, all 3 of these states, at different times. 

In fact, just take a moment right now to think about which state you experience the most throughout your daily life?  

  1. Do you feel highly aggressive, easily irritated and experience the frustrating energy of the Fight State? Or,
  2. Do you find yourself more passive and avoidant.  You know, the proverbial; ‘hide under the duvet and retreat from the world’ space? Or,
  3. Do you just feel completely dead inside?  Empty? Devoid of all feeling, energy and emotions?

The great news is, no matter which state you find yourself in right now, the power is firmly within your hands to change it.

Here’s how….

You’ve already learnt that depression is a sign that we’ve disrupted the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80, either consciously or unconsciously.  

So, if we simply deactivate our Survival System and reactivate our Thriving System.  In other words, we start spending more time in our Thriving System, rather than ‘hanging out’ in our Survival System, we’ll effortlessly and fairly rapidly move our Personal Surviving vs Thriving Ratio into alignment with the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80.

Which is great news!

Because, the quicker we can reset our individual ratio to match the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio, the sooner we’ll activate our body’s natural healing response…

Which allows us to effortlessly restore, reset, refuel and regenerate our internal chemistry to an ultimate state of health, harmony and balance.

Now, remember, the special gift I mentioned at the beginning of this session?

Well, that steps you through a simple process to calculate your current Personal Surviving vs Thriving Ratio and I’ll let you know more about that in a moment.

But, first, I really wanna show you just how powerful resetting your ratio to the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80 can be, by sharing the story of Jessica.


Jessica* was 48 at the time and was suffering from a complex mix of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  

She had tried countless antidepressants and had been to numerous doctors, counsellors and therapists!   

And, even though she knew intellectually that the therapy could help her, she couldn’t stop herself from shutting down and withdrawing into a space where she refused to open up and allow herself to be vulnerable to another. 

And, that’s because Jessica’s body-mind system was being “chemically primed” for the flight state. So, therapy ended up being a bit of a disappointment or disaster for Jessica.

But, then she started to use proven methods to deactivate her Survival System and reactivate her Thriving System, so she could start shifting her Personal Survival vs Thriving Ratio into alignment with the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80.

She also changed the foods she ate. As certain foods are actually proven to trigger our Survival System, which instantly disturbs our Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio and sends us into a downward spiral of internal imbalance and disturbances across all levels; mentally, emotionally and physically.  

If you’re interested in discovering which foods trigger your Survival System versus which foods trigger your Thriving System, so you can start moving into alignment with the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80, then, be sure to check out the 3rd module of The 4-Step Formula To Reset Your Body-Mind System After Depression And Antidepressants.

Now, after Jessica made simple changes to her life, what happened?

The change was astonishing!

  • Jessica’s moods stabilised.
  • She was no longer ‘at the mercy’ of what felt like an ongoing emotional roller-coaster.  
  • Her depression had lifted.
  • Her anxiety attacks had reduced by a whopping 70%!!!!
  • Because Jessica was now feeling more ‘in control’ of herself and feeling as though, she could cope emotionally….
  • She was open to return to the psychotherapy sessions, she had previously struggled with.
  • As a result, Sarah’s life transformed!   

She went from what appeared to be a hopeless case; where no doctor, drug, therapy or counsellor could help her…. To a hopeful, self-empowered woman, in charge of her own destiny, once again!

And, she’s never looked back since!


Then, we have Brian*. He was diagnosed as clinically depressed and obese. 

He was a nightshift worker whose lifestyle was literally killing him. 

He was in a desperate state; Mentally, emotionally and physically.

He was running out of time and he knew it! And, this was making him feel even, more miserable!

To make the transformation his life needed, Brian needed to confront his fear of change.  

Now, we all have this fear, it’s natural but there comes a time in our life where our comfort zone, is not so comfortable any more and in Brian’s case it was starting to strangle the life out of him, quite literally. 

And, once he accepted this, he ploughed ahead reseting his Survival vs Thriving Ratio and started to bring it back into alignment with the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80. 

He started working in alignment with his internal body clocks and individual rhythms, which I reveal in Step 2 of the 4-Step Formula

And, in a little of 2 weeks, he had lost 3.6kgs (around 8 pounds). Now, that’s something he’d never achieved before by diet alone!  

He was walking regularly, he changed his job so he could now sleep at nights.

He made some big decisions (which were necessary) and as a result:

  • He now had energy!
  • He lost 3.6kgs (around 8 pounds)!
  • He had a brand-new sense of purpose!
  • He had a sense of control over his life!  
  • He felt, he now dictated the terms of his life rather than, being a mere victim of the fates.  
  • Because, of this new-found lease on life, Brian went from strength to strength!
  • Brian’s life began to unfold, in ways he couldn’t have imagined.  

And, all it took were simple, every day changes, implementing proven methods, little-by-little for reseting his Personal Survival vs thriving Ratio, which created this profound, snowball effect!

And, if you would love to know how to apply these same proven methods in your own personal life, so you too, can see and feel the transformative changes in her life, just like Jessica, Brian and countless others have, then be sure to visit and check out the 4-Step Formula To Reset Your Body-Mind System After Depression And Antidepressants.

Because, here’s the deal…

  • Depression is not some ‘black dog’ that comes out of nowhere!
  • Depression is not a mental illness!
  • Depression is not a sign of weakness!
  • Depression is not a sign you’re losing the plot (even though, it can feel like that sometimes).

It’s simply a sign (a symptom) that you’re not in alignment with the Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80.

Now, I know this may seem like it’s just way too simple. 

I mean, surely when we’re in the depths of depression, where we feel purposeless, worthless and suicidal, it can’t be that easy to turn around, right?


Here’s why…

Our Survival System is associated with the fight/flight response.

This means, when this side of our nervous system is activated our body-mind system gets flooded with chemicals which quite literally “switch off” systems throughout our entire body-mind system, so it can direct all of our internal resources to the areas which are needed in a fight/flight response.

Think…. Warrior on the battlefield or running for your survival…

In this space, we don’t need to be loving, compassionate, creative, indulging in any sexual activity, or deliberating the ‘pros and cons’ of a decision!

We’re in combat mode. We’re either running or fighting. That’s it!  

Our rational, smart, logical brain is “turned off” because our system is puling all of the blood supply from all of our higher-level brain functions and sending it directly to our arms and legs to fight or run and it’s also heightening the ’emotional part’ of our brain, the part which can sense danger.

This is why we can become overly emotional, defensive or aggressive in depression. Because our chemistry is quite literally “priming us” to be that way.

But, if we don’t want to experience these feelings anymore and we don’t want to feel like this anymore….

The answer is simple…

We simply need to activate the opposite side of our nervous system: Our Thriving System. The side of our nervous system which triggers our body’s natural healing response.

And, that’s what you saw in the earlier examples of Brian and Jessica.

They did NOT have to climb over some huge mountain to transform their lives!

They simply needed to learn how to shift from one side of their nervous system to the other.

Because, here’s the truth…

Right this very minute, each and every one of us is either: 

  • Activating our Survival System (our body’s fight/flight response).

Which is currently flooding our system with chemicals that are “priming us” for battle, deteriorating our health and “dumbing us down” because our system is “switching off” all those higher-level brain functions. Or, we’re

  • Activating our Thriving System (our body’s healing response).

Which is flooding our system with health-enhancing, uplifting chemicals that “prime us” to expand, flourish and thrive across all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, keeping us in an optimal state of health.

Now, here’s the key…

The moment, you decide to activate your Thriving System is the moment, you start experiencing the full support and power of all the health-enhancing, happiness-boosting chemicals which are released by your Thriving System behind you, propelling you forwards, onwards and upwards at a great rate of knots.

You’ll feel those chemicals “priming you” for ultimate health, wealth and happiness.

Which will naturally, allow you to effortlessly rise up and out of a state of depression, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes; stronger and more vibrant than ever before!

And, this isn’t just wishful thinking! It’s basic biology and chemistry.

It’s as simple as…

  • If you activate your Survival System: You’ll release ‘survival-based’ chemicals and molecules. And,
  • If you activate your Thriving System: You’ll release health-enhancing, happiness-boosting chemicals and molecules.  

And, because this is simple biology, it doesn’t need us to believe in it to work.  

In other words, our nervous system and our internal chemistry is going to work this way, whether we believe in it or not.  

Which is great news for us!   

Because, once we understand how our internal chemistry works, we can control it, rather than it controlling us.

  • And, if you would like to discover how you can start turning the odds into your favour… 
  • If you would love to discover how to effortlessly control your internal chemistry, so it no longer controls you and your life…

Then, be sure to visit: and join the 4-Step Formula To Reset Your Body-Mind System After Depression And Antidepressants.

Your future self, will thank you for it.

And, as for the free gift…

Which I promised, at the start of this session that steps you through a simple method for calculating your Personal Surviving vs Thriving Ratio, to see just how far you’ve moved away from the recommended Ultimate Health-Enhancing Ratio of 20/80, can also be found at the very same URL of:

Simply scroll down to the bottom of that page and you’ll find the link to it there.

Now, I want to say a big “thank you” for joining me today, I appreciate you and I appreciate you spending the time with me.

And, no matter which step you decide to take today, with my hand on my heart 💖 I wish you all the best on your journey in life!

Take care, talk to you soon! 🙂

Marie O'Neil

As an Overcoming Depression Specialist, I get so frustrated with all the 'mental illness myths' and half-truths keeping people stuck in the downward spiral of depression. It doesn’t need to be that way! THERE IS A WAY OUT! If I can do it, so can you! You just need the right, time-tested tools and proven strategies to help you do it. And, that's what this website is all about. Giving you light in the darkest of times. To learn more about me simply click here.

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