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How To Transform Your Thinking To Overcome Depression


When we’re depressed it’s a fact that we don’t think in shades of grey.  We see life, others and the world around us from very much a ‘black and white’ perspective, it’s always ‘this’ versus ‘that’, ‘right’ versus ‘wrong’, ‘good’ versus ‘bad’.  There’s no maybe’s, middle ground or shades of grey.

And, it’s this type of “all or nothing” thinking that keeps us trapped in the downward spiral of depression.

So, if we want to lift ourselves up and out of depression, we must broaden this ‘black and white’ thinking to include all shades of life.   So, be sure to stay tuned to this episode of the Overcome Depression + Thrive Podcast to discover how to rapidly transform this depression-causing thinking and rapidly transform your life, starting today.

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Hi and welcome back!  It’s great to have you here! 😉

I’m your host Marie O’Neil, Creator of the highly transformative – Complete Self-Help System For Overcoming DepressionOpens in a new tab. and Author of How To Create A Depression-Free Life: Proven Strategies to Overcome Depression ASAPOpens in a new tab..

Now, if you’ve watched my FREE Masterclass: What Causes Depression?  (The True Root Cause), you’ll remember that if we’re struggling with depression it means we’re locked within our Survival Centre.

And, what occurs in our Survival Centre? That’s right!

Many of our neural networks and higher level brain functions shut down and it’s this process of shutting down that occurs within our brain that causes this “all or nothing” thinking that we experience in depression.

It drives us to think in Absolutes.  Life is ‘black or white’ with no shades of grey in between.

We start having thoughts such as:

  • “I’m a complete failure”
  • “My life’s a disaster”
  • “This always happens to me!”
  • “I’m useless”
  • “I’m never going to be good enough”

But, what we need to be aware of is that this “all or nothing” thinking doesn’t stem from us being negative people or having negative thoughts!

It stems from the fact that….

In depression we’re stuck in our survival centre, which shuts down our neural networks, instantly throwing us into a state of limited thinking.

We can only think in terms of black – white, right – wrong, good – bad, this – that.

You see, without access to our higher level brain functions we’re simply unable to see the big picture, the larger perspective or any shades of grey in between.

This isn’t something wrong with us, it’s just a sign we’re stuck in our Survival Centre, which you can learn more about in the FREE Masterclass: What Causes Depression?  (The True Root Cause).

But for now, the million dollar question is…

How can we begin to transform this all or nothing thinking, so we can start to shift ourselves out of our Survival Centre and therefore out of a state of depression – no matter how long we’ve been in it?

And, the answer lies in challenging ourselves to think differently!

So, just for today…

Start becoming aware of what you’re thinking when you respond or react to someone or to an event?

Are you thinking in terms of absolutes.  As in, you’re using terms such as:

  • Always
  • Never
  • Impossible
  • Perfect
  • Disastrous
  • Ruined

Terms that ‘imply’ there’s no middle ground.

And, when you do spot yourself falling into an “all or nothing” mindset, challenge yourself to think differently.

Question your assumptions.

For example:  Don’t always assume the worst or absolute. 

Instead of using terms, such as:  Always and never,  replace them with the likes of:   Sometimes or occasionally, which are more accurate and in alignment with reality.

Start looking for the ‘middle ground’ anytime your mindset shifts to the ‘all or nothing’ perspective.

This will help to lift you up and out of your Survival Centre and therefore, out of the depths of depression.

Simply because when we shift out of our Survival Centre, we instantly gain access to all our neural pathways and higher brain functions, giving us greater clarity and peace of mind.

Just what we need in the depths of depression!

So, get started today!

Challenge your ‘all or nothing’ thinking and start transforming your mind and your life today!

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