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How To Overcome Depression: The 3-Step Formula, That Actually Works! [VIDEO]


If you’re looking for proven ways to overcome depression naturally then, you’re in the right place!  You’re about to discover the proven 3-step formula which will not only help lift you, up and out of depression but also help you to create a truly depression-free life you can be proud of!

Discover The Keys To Depression-Proof Your Life!

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You’re about to discover the proven formula which will not only help lift you up and out of depression but also help you create a truly depression-free life you can be proud of!  A life which makes you want to get out of bed in the morning!!!  A life where you have a spring in your step!  A life you want to live!

Imagine this scenario…

  • What if you were suddenly freed from the clutches of depression?
  • What if you suddenly had no fear of depression ever returning?  Not tomorrow, next week or any time in the future?
  • What if you suddenly felt great about yourself again?  Internally and externally?
  • What if you suddenly had all the energy, motivation and drive you needed to go after your dreams and achieve them?
  • What if you suddenly had a calm and tranquil mind?
  • What if you suddenly felt truly capable of handling any obstacle, challenge or curve ball life throws at you with the utmost ease and confidence?

Sound like a stretch?

I used to think so too, until it happened to me!

Hi and welcome, My name’s Marie O’Neil. I’m the host of the Overcome Depression And Thrive Podcast and creator of The Complete Self-Help System For Overcoming DepressionOpens in a new tab..    

Now, I want to let you in on a secret…

You see, what the majority of people who meet me today, don’t realise or even expect, is that over a decade ago I was completely suicidal and in the depths of depression! 

In fact, my entire world had grown so dark, I was willing to drive my 44 tonne truck and trailer unit off the side of a highway just to be free from the internal anguish and torment I was suffering in the midst of depression.  Thankfully, those days are long gone and today, I’m living a fulfilling life without any fear of depression returning!  

What’s my secret?

Well, I discovered a proven 3 step formula, the exact same formula, I’m about to share with you today which allowed me to not only free myself from the clutches of depression, but also protect my entire body-mind system from it ever returning. 

Here’s the deal…

Everybody knows depression is one hell of a dark ride!  It can be excruciatingly painful and extremely difficult to lift ourselves to of.

But, here’s the thing…

No matter how long we’ve been stuck in depression, or how bad we think we’ve got it, we can swiftly kick it out of our life for good, if we approach it the right way!  And, in order to approach depression the right way you need a proven step-by-step formula.

In fact, if you’ve been trying your very best to overcome depression but you’re still not seeing any real, long-lasting positive improvement in your condition, your depression or your life, it probably has nothing to do with how much effort you’re putting in, or that you’ve spent too long stuck in the dark hole of depression, or that it appears to run in your family.

Because, AT THE END OF THE DAY TRULY overcoming depression is NOT about any of that, it’s simply about HOW you approach it!

And, there’s a formula for approaching depression, the right way.  Here it is…

The Proven 3-Step Formula For Overcoming Depression, That Actually Works!

STEP #1:  Ask “WHY” To Discover The True Cause.

We’ve gotta ask “why” there’s a chemical imbalance in our system. 

Seriously, have you ever just stopped and asked yourself;  “Why?”  

Why do you have a chemical imbalance in the first place or what caused it? 

I know, I didn’t.  I mean, when I was diagnosed with clinical depression, I just took depression to be the cause of my problems.

But, here’s the problem with that…

Imagine you’re standing in front of a polluted river, there’s dead fish lying on the surface, it’s totally discoloured, there’s sludge in it, the water is absolutely putrid and the smell is so awful it makes you wanna gag!!!   

Now, if I asked you to clean this polluted river, would you just treat the area of the river directly in front of you, hoping that once you clean this small section of the river, it’ll help fix the rest? 

Of course, you wouldn’t, right?! 

Because, you’re smart. 

You know there’s only one way to fix this river and that’s to ‘look upstream’ to find the original source of the problem.  To find the original source of all this pollution.  And, once we find the original source of the problem and fix it, the river will return back to normal, right?

We know this! 

We know this not only makes sense, but it works!   It solves the problem!

But, here’s the thing…

Even though we know this is the only way to fix a problem we truly want to solve (to look for and treat the source of the problem), we never think to apply this fail-safe strategy to our depression

We never think to stop and ‘look upstream’ so we can discover what brought  depression into our lives.

Now, why is that?

Why don’t we ask this question?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons…

#1. We think we already know the reason! 

Simply because we’re already been given a tonne of reasons, like;  It’s in our genes,  it’s because of our negative thoughts, it’s our  difficult life experiences or it’s because we can’t control our emotions….

But, just ask yourself…

Does every one who experiences challenging life situations or emotional and mental distress, end up in depression? 


Which means, these things may ‘contribute’ to our depression, but they’re not the cause of us being stuck in depression! 

But, these reasons are good enough to stop us from asking ourselves ‘why’.

And, they stop us from looking any further into the true cause of our depression, simply because they make sense and seem logical.

#2. Our Attention Is Directed Towards ‘Depression’  

And, the second reason we don’t ask ‘why’ or ‘what is causing my depression’ is because all of our attention is constantly being directed to the word:  “Depression”.  

For example, we’re told…

  • Depression is the ’cause’ of our problems.
  • Depression is an illness.
  • Depression needs to be ‘managed’

And, after we continuously hear these statements over and over again, we naturally start thinking…

  • If only I could get out of ‘depression’ then my life would be happy.
  • If only I could break-free from ‘depression’ then my life would start being more positive and going my way.
  • If only I could get rid of ‘depression’ then my life could  move forward.
  • If only I could manage my ‘depression’ better, then I achieve my dreams and live the life I desire.

We naturally see ourselves as limited, constricted and we believe it’s all because of our ‘depression’.   We see ‘depression’ as the thing we need to fight, battle or solve.

But, here’s the straight-up truth…

If we continue to see ‘depression’ as the CAUSE of our dilemma, we’ll forever remain stuck in depression.

Here’s why…

When we focus solely on treating ‘depression’ or continue to see ‘depression’ as the source of our troubles, we’re trying to clean the polluted river by only treating the area directly in front of us.

We’re not ‘looking upstream’ to discover what caused this imbalance, in the first place. 

So, the very first, vital step in the journey to overcome depression is to simply ‘turn your head to look upstream’ so you can finally discover the true source or root cause of your chemical imbalance and of your depression.   

Once you discover that, then…

STEP #2:  Effectively Treat The Cause And Not Just The Symptoms!

Here’s why that’s important…

Imagine these two scenarios:

Scenario A: 

This morning, Sally wakes up with a migraine.  So, she ‘pops a pill’ to gain some relief and so she can better function throughout her day and get her job done.

I’m sure we’ve all been in this position, right? 

We wake up feeling ‘worse for wear’ and then we ‘pop a pill’ just to get through the day, confident that we’ll feel better the tomorrow! 

You know that feeling, right?

But, let’s say the next day…

Sally again, wakes up with a migraine. She ‘pops another pill’ and goes about her day.

Now, this goes on for several weeks…

But, now Sally is finding just 1 pill ‘doesn’t cut it’ anymore.  It’s not alleviating her migraine and the associated symptoms.  So, she ‘ups her dose’ to 2 pills. 

Again, this goes on for some time…

Then, before long Sally needs…

3 pills…

4 pills…

A stronger dose…

A combination of different pills…

But, she is still not free from the constant migraines which plague her life!  Which naturally makes her feel miserable, frustrated and downright depressed!

Now, imagine Scenario B….

Scenario B:

Bob wakes up with a migraine and just like Sally, he also ‘pops a pill’ to gain some relief, so he can go about his day more productively. 

But, as he goes about his day he’s wondering; ‘what could be the cause of my migraine?’

He goes through what he’s been eating, how he’s been sleeping, he thinks about all the stress he’s been under lately and he makes a vow that he’ll definitely have healthy meals throughout he day, he’ll consume more water and he’ll go to bed early to ensure he’s well rested for the next day. 

And, sure enough!

The next morning, Bob wakes up ‘right as rain’. 

Now, I know Bob’s scenario may sound “all to easy” but these two scenarios are simply there to illustrate the vast difference between focusing on ‘alleviating the symptoms’ vs ‘focusing on treating and fixing the true cause’ of our pain.

This is the exact same choice we all have everyday, when we’re stuck in the depths of depression!

We can choose whether:

  1. We’re gonna be like Sally and focus all of our time and energy on just alleviating the symptoms of depression and stayed trapped in the downward spiral.  Or,
  2. We’re gonna be more like Bob and focus all of our attention on fixing and treating the true cause of our depression, so we can truly overcome depression.

Ultimately, the choice is ours. 

But, if we want to overcome depression and create a depression-free life, first, we need to discover the true cause of our depression and then we need to treat that cause, effectively. 

And, once you’ve been treating the true root cause of your depression, it’s a given that you’ll be building yourself up, you’ll feel more in control of yourself and your life, once again! 

You’ll be ready to propel your life forward in a positive and powerful manner, which leads nicely into…

STEP #3:  Depression-Proof Your Life!

Now, what do I mean by this?

Well, it’s one thing to lift yourself out of depression but the trick is, to stay out of it!

And, that’s what this 3rd vital step is all about.  It’s about putting proven systems or “safe guards” into place within your life to prevent depression from returning. 

In other words, this step is all about creating a truly depression-free life for yourself and those you love!

So, there you go!

The Proven 3-Step Formula To Overcome Depression

STEP #1:  Ask ‘why’ to discover the true cause (AKA: Look upstream)

STEP #2:  Treat the true cause not just the symptoms.

STEP #3:  Depression-proof your life.

Now, if you wanna ‘deep-dive’ into all of this, then I highly recommend you register for the Masterclass:  Discover How To Rapidly Overcome Depression By Effectively Treating The True Root Cause Of It.

In that class, I walk you through a much deeper dive on how to follow this proven 3-step formula.

You’ll discover the true root cause of depression because I’ve already ‘looked upstream’ for you!

Remember, this exact same 3-step formula has taken me from being completely suicidal and in the depths of depression.  And today, I’m living a fulfilling life without any fear of depression returning. 

So, I know this works!

And, today, if you permit me I want to show you how you can do the same!

So, if you’re interested be sure to watch the Free Masterclass.  You may like it, you may not but it’s free!   

So, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except… Your depression! 😉 

So, do check it out because I truly believe it’s gonna help you out a lot!

Thanks for joining me in this quick video, I hope you found it helpful and I look forward to seeing you in the Free Masterclass.  Where we deep dive into what’s really driving your depression and the steps you need to take to break-free from depression and truly overcome it, so I’ll see you there….

Take care,

Talk to you soon 😉

Marie O'Neil

As an Overcoming Depression Specialist, I get so frustrated with all the 'mental illness myths' and half-truths keeping people stuck in the downward spiral of depression. It doesn’t need to be that way! THERE IS A WAY OUT! If I can do it, so can you! You just need the right, time-tested tools and proven strategies to help you do it. And, that's what this website is all about. Giving you light in the darkest of times. To learn more about me simply click here.

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