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How To Create A Depression-Free Life Book

Create Your Depression-Free Life, Starting Today!

Grab your copy now to start transforming your depression and your life, with proven strategies to overcome depression ASAP.

Very helpful. Easy reading, helped me understand why I think the way I think and do what I do. It made me feel ‘normal’ and not-so strange in my ways. It also gave me a new way of looking at my body chemistry. A great eye-opener! – ELSA65:  Amazon UK

“What am I going to discover in this book, that I can’t find anywhere else?”

  • Discover the 3 major depression-causing beliefs which can drive all of us into depression, irrelevant to age, culture, gender or walk of life.
  • There’ll be no more guesswork when it comes to what’s driving your self-defeating thoughts and behaviour. Very soon, you will know.
  • Arm yourself with the vital knowledge to transform and eliminate these 3 major depression-causing beliefs, starting today!
  • Discover a treasure-trove of tips, tools, techniques and proven strategies to elevate yourself, up and out of depression.
  • Discover why the usual advice of ‘exercising your way out of depression’, may actually drive you deeper into depression!
  • REVEALED: Brand-new scientific insights which can help you rapidly transform your emotional and mental well-being, in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Drop fluffy, airy-fairy theories about “attracting the life of your dreams” and take a deep-dive into the science of how you can create the most joyful, fulfilling depression-free life you can imagine!
  • Discover how to approach depression the right way, so you can find rapid relief from the many depression-related challenges, such as; irrational crying, angry outbursts, lack of energy, low self-esteem, inability to focus, etc….
  • Create genuine, long-lasting freedom from depression, when you implement the easy-to-follow tips and step-by-step techniques held within the information-packed pages of this book.

Start Creating Your Depression-Free Life Today!


An excellent book written by someone who has suffered depression. This is an excellent book written by a real person who has actually suffered with depression and completely understands the thoughts and feelings of the reader. This book is so refreshing, as it helps you look at your life and the root causes of your problems instead of just throwing more drugs at the problem. I especially liked the no nonsense approach of the author to make you look at yourself in ways you never have. The science sections were also helpful as I actually learned what was going on inside me instead of just knowing I had a “chemical imbalance”. This is a super self help book that I recommend to anyone who is after practical solutions for getting out of depression. If you are not serious about finding out the root cause of your depression then this book is not for you. – MISS M:  Amazon UK

Also available in the following formats: Paperback (Amazon), Audiobook (Audible / Amazon), iBook (iTunes) or eBook (Amazon).