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Feeling Depressed For No Reason?


Do you feel you’re depressed for no reason? Do you ever say; “I know I’m depressed but I have no idea why?  It’s like I’m depressed for no reason.”

Well, if you’re thinking or feeling anything like that then, this video is for you! Discover how to overcome depression when you feel as though you’re depressed, for no reason at all!


Hi and welcome to this video, it’s great to have you here!

My name’s Marie O’Neil, I’m the Author of How To Create A Depression-Free Life and the founder of OvercomeDepressionAndThrive.com: Your passport to a depression-free future!

Now, many people come to me and say;

“Marie I know I’m depressed, but I have no idea why? It’s like I’m depressed for no reason, and I just don’t understand it”.

Or, they tell me that their life is grand, they have everything they could ever wish for, yet, they’re still sad and stuck in depression, for what seems like, no reason at all.

So, if you’re feeling anything like this, you’re not alone.

Because a vast majority of people across this entire planet are feeling this very same way!  They’re feeling as though they’re depressed for no reason at all.

But, the unfortunate truth is…

If you’re feeling lost, frustrated and confused as to why you can’t seem to get happy and enjoy life, if you can’t discover the “why” of “why you’re depressed”, then this situation will actually compound your depression, drive you deeper into it and make it harder for you to escape from it’s clutches.

In depression for no reason-why am I depressed

Simply because, if you don’t know what’s causing your depression or why you’re currently depressed, you’ll have no idea how to fix it.

Which naturally, can leave you feeling pretty helpless, vulnerable, and powerless.

Which as you’ve probably guessed, will then go on to feed and compound that sense of hopelessness you already feel in depression, which ends up driving you even deeper into depression.

It’s a vicious cycle.

So, discovering the “why” behind why you’re depressed is vital, if you ever want to create a depression-free life.

But, what do we do when there seems to be no obvious reason why we’re depressed?

Well, you know as well as I do, that everything in life is a result of something – there’s cause and effect – there’s no getting around this fundamental law of life – so, nothing happens for no reason at all.

Which means, if we’re depressed, there’s a valid reason for why we’re feeling that way – and that’s what this video is all about – I’m going to reveal the answer to the question:

How do I overcome depression when I have absolutely no idea what’s driving it?

So, let’s start from the beginning with the word; depression.  Because, you’ll see that once you take a look at the word.  The word itself is very meaningful and brings great clarity to your situation in depression.

So, what does depression really mean?

Well, depression comes from the word deprimere, which means to de-press, to push down, lower or to press on something.

So, I just want you to take a moment right now and ask yourself…

  • Is there anything from your recent past or years gone by, that you’re attempting to de-press or push down?
  • Is there anything you’ve buried and don’t want to look at or think about?
  • Is there any memory which makes you feel awful, sad, angry or fills you with a great deal of guilt, shame, fear or dread when you bring it to mind, so you do your best to push it out of your mind in an attempt, to forget about it and move on with your life?

Well, this de-pressing, pushing away or burying difficult memories, experiences or emotions may be driving your depression.

Here’s why…

Let’s imagine this line represents the ground.  And whatever memories, experiences or emotions we’ve depressed have quite literally been pushed underground.  Out of sight, possibly out of mind but, not out of our life and definitely not out of our body-mind system.

We’re still carrying them around inside of us, everywhere we go, and the truth is…

Anything we de-press or try to bury, controls our life more than we do.

Here’s why…


Whatever we’ve de-pressed and buried deep inside of us, is pushed underground and just like a seed, it gets planted into the fertile soil of our life.

And, just like any seed, it flourishes in the darkness and eventually sprouts and expands into a great tree.

Now, in the very same way, an acorn cannot grow into anything BUT a mighty oak…

De-pressed memories, experiences or emotions cannot grow into anything BUT depression.

A seed can only manifest into the exact blueprint it carries within.

So, de-pressed memories, emotions or experiences sprout into the tree of depression and it’s branches reach out and affect every area of our life.

And, if you’re currently stuck in depression, you know this feeling.

You’ve experienced how depression infects and dismantles every area of your life.

Now, this is a simple visual representation of the state of depression. But, the most important question is…

How do we transform this situation?

How do we completely uproot this tree of depression so it no longer affects our life and those we love?

Well, just like any tree we want to destroy, we must attack the roots.

Which means, if we want to create a depression-free life we have to discover exactly what you’re de-pressing.  Because, whatever you’re depressing whether consciously or unconsciously is controlling your life and keeping you locked in a state of de-pression.

Now, if you have no idea what this could be, no worries!  Don’t panic, because there are various methods to reveal what’s trapped deep beneath the surface.

And, one of those methods is to simply think back to your earliest memories and see if you can recall a situation which filled you with a great deal of either; fear, guilt, shame, anger, embarrassment, pain or suffering.

Now, this could be something like your mother severely reprimanding you, when you were 4, for picking on your siblings.  Now, to other children this may’ve seemed like a normal everyday scenario but it filled you with great anger and hostility because you felt ostracised and powerless to defend yourself.

Or, maybe you lived in a hostile environment and the first time your father hit your mother filled you with great fear, as a vulnerable child in this situation, you felt powerless and all you could do was run to the wardrobe and hide.

Whatever it is for you, it doesn’t need to be an obviously fearful or abusive situation.

For example, it could be that your parents were so proud of you and of your wonderful singing voice, that they forced you to constantly perform in front of friends and family.

You hated every moment of it because it always filled you with great anxiousness, embarrassment and humiliation.  But, as a young child you felt powerless to say, “No” to your parents.   So, you had to bury all those feelings and live through what felt like a truly traumatic experience for you.

The key is to try and recall your earliest memory or experience of when you felt TRULY POWERLESS, for the first time in your life.

Now, with that earliest memory still in your mind, I’d like you to grab a pen and piece of paper and write down the answers to the following three questions:


How did that early experience make you feel about yourself? In other words, what beliefs about yourself were born from the experience? How did you begin to see yourself? As a victim? Shameful? Excluded? Unloveable? Second rate? A performing monkey?  Whatever words or images come to mind for you, write those all down on your piece of paper.


How did the situation make you feel about others and the world around you? For example, did your mother no longer feel like a “safe zone” for you, did the experience cause you to start believing that others can’t be trusted or they’ll never be there for you when you need them, or did it cause you to see the world as a hostile, dog-eat-dog place? Ask yourself, how did you start seeing others or the world around you differently, after this experience? Again, write down whatever comes to mind.


How did this situation alter how you thought, others saw you? In other words, after this experience did you believe, others saw you in a better or worse light than before?

So, pause this video and take a few moments right now to simply answer these questions and I’ll see you back here in a moment.

Okay, welcome back!

So, with all your answers in front of you, I want you to imagine that all those words, beliefs and images you’ve just written down which emerged from your very first sense or experience of true powerlessness, are all being held here…


They’re de-pressed and stored underground.

And, just like seeds stored in the darkness and held under pressure, they sprout – into the tree of your life.

Now, just take a few moments and do a quick scan of your entire life…

Can you see any recurring patterns or themes which have kept emerging, throughout your life?

Maybe you’ve even said to yourself:

  • Why do I always find myself in the same situations? Or,

Why do I always keep attracting the same types of people?

Well, here’s why!

Your life is being driven and controlled by whatever you’ve de-pressed beneath the surface.

You see, whether we’re aware of it or not, our very first experience or taste of true powerlessness (whether that experience filled us with great anger, fear, embarrassment or shame) caused us to form images and beliefs about ourselves, about others and the world around us.  And, this created the base or foundation upon which our entire life was built. Which, then went on to control all of our thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions and behaviours.

Truth is, depression doesn’t just turn up one day out of the blue.  It’s been growing inside of us for some time…

But, it’s not until the tree of depression reaches a certain size and certain height and starts to make a detrimental impact on our life, do we start to sit up and take notice.

Now, if you can’t think of anything which you believe would’ve given rise to the tree of depression, in your life, don’t worry!

Many of us can’t consciously recall an event from our past that maybe driving our depression, simply because we’ve buried or de-pressed it so far into the darkness, we’re no longer consciously aware of it any more.

But, the truth is…

If we’re de-pressed, there is some pain and suffering we are de-pressing.

We just have to discover what that is.  And, if you would like a supportive hand to guide you through this entire process of uncovering what’s beneath the surface and dissolving it completely, so the tree of depression can no longer take root in your life, then simply click the link below this video (or click here) to find out more about how we can work together as a team, to discover and dissolve what’s keeping you stuck in depression.

Of course, if you know what’s driving your depression and you’d prefer to go it alone, no worries!

In fact, let me give you a helping hand to get you started right now by guiding you through three basic steps to start uprooting the tree of depression from your life today.

STEP #1:

Sit comfortably in a room that’s private.  Make sure you’re away from others and you’ll remain undisturbed for some time. Now, take a minimum of 7 long, deep breathes, slow yourself down and bring yourself into the present moment…

STEP #2:

Bring the past memory or experience up into your mind, but instead of looking at it from the adult you are today, I want you to regress into that young child you were. So, if you were 4 in your memory, shift yourself into that vulnerable 4 year olds body, mind and spirit.  If you were 16, shift yourself into that time and space of the 16 year old you.

Now, to help you shift into that space, you simply need to ask yourself;

1. How did feel about yourself in that time and space?

2. How did you feel about others and the world around you?

3. How did you perceive others saw you prior to the event?

Now, once you feel you’ve completely merged into who you were back then, the third and final step is to…

STEP #3:

Step through the event, step-by-step as if, you’re experiencing it right now. And, that’s the VITAL KEY.  You don’t want to simply recall the event and replay it in your mind, because that’s simply superficial and it won’t uproot the tree of depression and remove it from your life for good. 

Instead, you want to dig deep and experience the event, fully, in the now.  But this time, you don’t run, you don’t hide, you don’t block or de-press any emotions, you don’t turn your back on any vulnerable parts of yourself.

You stand firm and feel everything that comes up for you, just stay with any emotions or feelings that rise, really feel them, cry, get angry, shiver with fear, whatever comes up, just allow it and move through it.

You want to release whatever has been de-pressed.  Release all those painful memories, all that fear, pain and suffering.  Just allow it the freedom to come up, pass through you and leave your system.

Done correctly and in a safe environment, this process transforms your entire body-mind system.

How?  Well, if you’ve seen any of the latest scientific research, especially in the field of epigenetic’s, you’ll be aware that there’s evidence our memories are held within our cells.

So, if we’ve experienced any event within our life that we felt was painful or traumatic and we leave that experience unhealed or depressed, that emotional memory gets trapped or stored within our cells, within our bio-memory and it continues to circulate around our entire system until we heal it.

I believe this is why you can find so many people all over the world who eat right, exercise right, do all the so-called right things but they’re still stuck in a state of depression or a state of disease.

This is why!  Because, they have some old emotional wound which has been de-pressed and is stored within their bio-memory, which they have to heal, transform and release, or their entire body-mind system will remain in a state of depression, no matter how perfectly they eat, exercise or do all the so-called right things.

Now, if you’ve watched my Free Masterclass: What Causes Depression (The True Root Cause), you’ll see that this space of keeping things “locked up and de-pressed inside of us” keeps us stuck in our Survival Centre, which as you well know, if you’ve watched the masterclass keeps us locked in a state of depression.

In the Masterclass, you also learnt that if we want to free ourselves from depression, we need to move into our Thriving Centre; the centre in which depression doesn’t exist.

And, that’s what this whole process of releasing all the depressed pain and suffering helps us do.  It helps shift you out of your Survival Centre, where it’s all about protection, tension, defensiveness and de-pression and moves you into your Thriving Centre, which is all about flourishing and creating a bright, light, uplifting depression-free life.

And, the truth is…

If you do wanna create a depression-free life for yourself and those you love, you’ve got to get to the heart of the issue, you’ve got to dive-deep and dig up the roots of the tree called depressionAnd, that’s what this highly-effective technique does.

It goes straight to the roots and rips them out and stops that tree of depression from taking hold in your life any longer!

So, give it a go today! Start uprooting that tree of depression and rapidly transform yourself, your life and your entire body-mind system. Start creating the depression-free life you so desire and deserve, for yourself and those you love.

Now, if you would like support in processing your painful emotions or a guiding hand to lead you through this highly-transformative process, I can be there for you and I’ve left a link below this video for you to learn more and how you can contact me.  (Click here to learn more).

I look forward to helping you overcome your depression, so you can have the brightest of futures.

Now, I hope you enjoyed this video and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a way out of depression and depression CAN be easily treated and removed from your life completely!

You just need to approach it the right way, and that right way is to deal with the source of your depression, the roots, and not just treat the superficial symptoms.

Thanks for joining me in this video and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Take care, talk to you soon, bye for now. 🙂

Marie O'Neil

As an Overcoming Depression Specialist, I get so frustrated with all the 'mental illness myths' and half-truths keeping people stuck in the downward spiral of depression. It doesn’t need to be that way! THERE IS A WAY OUT! If I can do it, so can you! You just need the right, time-tested tools and proven strategies to help you do it. And, that's what this website is all about. Giving you light in the darkest of times. To learn more about me simply click here.

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