About Marie O'Neil: Overcoming Depression Specialist, Author + Speaker

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marie-oneiI’m an AuthorOpens in a new tab., Speaker, Transformational Life Coach and Depression-Busting Specialist currently based in the United Kingdom.  I’ve travelled to various locations across this beautiful globe, to the likes of: India, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, just to name a few, in search of answers to ‘what really makes us all tick’.

Along my life’s journey, I’ve gained a wide and extremely varied range of knowledge, experience and qualifications from various healing modalities/systems and insightful teachers along the way.  Including, but not limited to; Cognitive/Behavioural psychologies, Gestalt therapy, Organisational Behaviour, Counselling Principles and Practices, Journey therapy, Meditation, Science of the Breath, Mantras, and the list goes on….

It’s this hard-won wisdom, along with my own personal journey through depression that I share in all my private sessions, online courses, workshops and books.


Let’s Transform How The World Sees
(And Treats) Depression

Insanity:  Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

Isn’t it time we stopped banging our heads against the same-old, out-dated ‘mental illness’ wall and instead focussed our energy on creating brand-new paths for approaching and treating depression?

New paths, which no longer see depression as a mental illness, disorder or disease but actually look at depression with open eyes and see it for what it really is… A Sign / A Symptom.

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If we continue to approach depression from all the wrong angles, we’ll only end up with all the wrong solutions.

Which unfortunately, is where we are today!

We’re in a world where (for the majority of cases)  treatments for depression not only DON’T work, but actually cause more harm, driving those suffering deeper into distress, creating long-lasting turmoil in their lives.

That’s why I created this website.

To stop the spread of all the mental illness myths  regarding depression, which have contaminated the globe faster than any virus and are just as deadly.

You see, once you become aware of the true causes of depression, you’ll become aware that there are hundreds of natural, proven, time-tested solutions for creating a truly depression-free life for yourself and those you love.

This website is for anyone searching for PRACTICAL, time-tested solutions to truly OVERCOME depression!

The truth is, you weren’t born to be unhappy or depressed!   Yes, believe it or not, happiness is your default setting.

Don’t believe me?   Have you seen the smile of a newborn baby?  That was you once!  And, you CAN genuinely smile like that again! 😉

You just need to discover the keys to free yourself from depression.   That’s what this website is all about!   Giving you the keys to live the depression-free life, you so desire and deserve.

Here’s to your depression-free future!

Random Facts About Me

  • I began training as an outdoors instructor (kayaking, rock-climbing, caving, mountaineering) before becoming an Overcoming Depression Specialist.
  • I was licensed to drive heavy truck and trailer units before I had my full car license.
  • My favourite country is India.
  • My favourite locations are the Grand Canyon, Franz Josef Glacier and the West Coast of New Zealand.
  • I prefer Bollywood over Hollywood, any day!
  • Favourite programs?  X-Files, Person of Interest, Mahakali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, and Crime Patrol (Satark, Dastak, Dial 100).
  • What couldn’t I live without? Books, music and my spices!
  • I prefer rivers and mountains, over sea and coastlines (there’s just something about mountain air, that’s second to none!)
  • I love electrical storms, old-fashioned clocks and pocket watches!